Egypte: Karen Millen Coat massive demonstrations against President Morsi Mobilization had never been stronger since the election of Mohamed Morsi last June. Tens of thousands of Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo Tuesday to protest against its decision to grant emergency powers.

Several processions converged on the famous square in the center of the Egyptian capital to denounce also the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, Karen Millen from which the president.

Demonstrations against President have affected other cities experiencing a severe crisis since the November 22 decision of Mr Morsi strengthen his powers to temporarily, Karen Millen Coat according to him, to undertake reforms. But critics have denounced a "new Pharaoh."

"Get out!" Chanted the protesters in Tahrir Square, taking the iconic slogan of the rebellion that had ousted autocratic president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011. Deployed a banner input instead proclaimed: "Banned Muslim Brotherhood." "We do not want to replace one dictator with another," said a student, Asser Ayoub, 23 years.
80 injured in Mahalla

Like every day for a week, sporadic clashes took place near the square, Karen Millen Dresses near the Embassy of the United States, between youth and police who responded to the stone throwing by firing tear gas.

According to the People's Alliance, a small leftist party, one of the activists is suffocated, as confirmed by a medical source. This is the third death caused by disorders these days.

These clashes were reported by many protesters in Tahrir anti-Morsi, eager to keep their protest peaceful nature.

In the Nile Delta (north), in Mahalla, opponents attacked, according to an official security services at the headquarters of the Party of Freedom and Justice (PLJ), from which the president. Karen Millen The party itself from the Muslim Brotherhood, has identified 80 wounded in its ranks in clashes with anti-Morsi; Opponents also attacked the premises of the brotherhood in Mansoura (north), and Alexandria, the second city of the country.
"Protecting the Revolution"

Thousands of people protested against the president in this northern city on a large square bordering the Mediterranean. In the early evening, a cons-demonstration of supporters of Mr Morsi also drew several thousand people, pro-Morsi A demonstration in Cairo had been canceled for fear of clashes.

In the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea, and Tanta (north), Assiut, Sohag and Minya (center), anti-Morsi gatherings were also held.

After meeting with the judicial hierarchy Monday, Mr. Morsi maintained the controversial decree by which he is authorized to take any action deemed necessary to "protect the revolution".

The situation in Egypt "is not clear," said Tuesday the U.S. State Department. Spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, called for an end to "constitutional impasse" while minimizing the risks of Mr Morsi become autocratic.

He noted that Mr. Morsi met the judicial hierarchy and other Egyptian officials, Ms. Nuland added: "We do not yet know what will result from these (meetings)., But it is far from an autocrat who would simply + it's that or nothing + ".

For its part, the United States Embassy in Cairo, however, seemed more critical. "The Egyptian people are clearly stated in the January 25 revolution he had had enough of the dictatorship", and can be read on a tweet account @ embassy official USEmbassyCairo.

For supporters of Mr Morsi, these exceptional powers enable him to undertake reforms necessary to progress towards democracy and stop with the planned adoption in a few months of the new Constitution.

But by placing its decisions free of any litigation, Karen Millen Coat the decree has angered a large part of the judiciary and the political class.

Single inflection apparent only its "sovereign powers"-whose definition remains vague, are beyond the reach of judges, the presidency said, suggesting that routine decisions could be subject to magistrates.

The decree also prevents the court to consider appeals against the process of drafting of the Constitution, Karen Millen Dresses its opponents feel dominated by Islamists.