Seamless Steel Pipe Production

The hot rolled seamless steel pipe is produced on the seamless pipe mill. By examining and eliminating the surface defect,the solid pipe billet is cut into the required length. Before punching a hole, the center of the punching side should be marked and the billet should be heated on the heating furnace.Under the function of mill roll, a cavity is formed in the billet called semi-manufactured steel pipe. After that, it is rolled in the automatic pipe making machine. Finally, the wall thickness will be adjusted by the reeler and the size will be modified by the steel tube mill before it reaches a demand.
In order to produce the smaller size and better quality seamless steel pipe, the two methods of cold rolling and cold-drawing should be combined. The cold rolling process is conducted on the steel pipe machine, while the steel pipe is rolled in the round hole.The cold-drawing is conducted in the cold-drawing machine with 0.5~100T single or double roller chain. The seamless square and rectangle steel pipe is a strip steel with a hollow section and no seam on the rim. With a hollow section, it is widely used in pipelines of fluid transport, for instance, the transport of petroleum, natural gas, coal gas, water, and other solid materials. Compared with the solid steel pipe, and under the same resistance of twisting and bending, it is an economic section steel with lighter weight and widely applied in structure and machinery elements. Such as petroleum drill pipe, gas transmission shaft, bicycle stand, and steel scaffold which is used in building operation. We can improve the stock utilization, simplify the manufacturing process, economize materials and save the processing hour by manufacturing the steel into circular parts. For example, the rolling bearing ring and the cover of lifting jack are all made of steel pipe.